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Writings and comments on social, political, economic and environmental issues relevant to the future of Australia

Last updated 15 October, 2012


Use With Care: Managing Australia's Natural Resources in the 21st century, University of New South Wales Press (1992)

Text version of Use With Care, i.e. no maps or diagrams

PDF version of Use With Care, i.e. no maps or diagrams

People Policy: Australia's Population Choices, University of New South Wales Press (1996)

Text of People Policy

Future Makers, Future Takers: Life in Australia 2050, University of New South Wales Press (1999)

Penultimate text (Word document) of Future Makers, Future Takers

Penultimate text (HTM file) of Future Makers, Future Takers

3000 word synopsis of Future Makers, Future Takers (loaded Jan 2000)

Deep Futures: Our Prospects for Survival , University of New South Wales Press and McGill Queens University Press, Canada (2003)

Text of Deep Futures:

A 3000 word synopsis of Deep Futures:

Global Overshoot: Contemplating the World's Converging Problems (2011)

This book is in press with Springer Science, New York

Selections from draft book Global Overshoot (pdf file)(loaded Jan 2011)

Worrying About Us: Moments in Human Ecology (2012) (An anthology of talks etc 1980-2012)

Worrying About Us (loaded Jan 2012)

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Full list of journal articles etc up till Aug 2003

Full list of journal articles etc up till Aug 2003

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Nothing to be Proud of: Review of Ian Lowe's book on population policy (Loaded June 2012)

The Past, Present and Future of Language: Notes for a talk June 2012 (Loaded June 2012)

The Past, Present and Future of Language: Powerpoint slides for a talk June 2012 (Loaded June 2012)

My Unfinished World View (pdf) (Essay, loaded Nov 2011)

Global Overshoot: Confronting the world's converging problems (PDF file) (Talk to Independent Scholars Association, Canberra Oct 2010) (loaded Oct 2010)

Modelling the natural cycles of the human-earth system: A human ecologist's perspective Workshop paper Dec 2010 (loaded DEc 2010)

Does the Long Past Matter? (essay loaded Apr 2011)

Australia: How Big? Notes for a Science Week panel discussion, August 2010 (loaded Oct 2010)

Review of Knowledge Matters by Richard Lee (loaded Nov 2010)

PM Must Face Real Posers on Population (Australian Financial Review Nov 2 2009) (loaded Nov 2009)

Writing and the formation of the modern mind (pdf file)(loaded Oct 2007)

Living with complexity (pdf) (Loaded Oct 2007))

The Big-Brain Experiment: Stages in the Evolution of Modern Humans(pdf Draft)(loaded Aug 2006)

Emergence and evolution of complex societies (pdf Draft)(loaded Aug 2009)

Learning from John Burton (published in Dissent Summer 2004 edition) (loaded Dec 2004)

The contribution of 'sustainability' criteria to social peerceptions of land use options (loaded Nov 2004 but written in 1993)

Reflections on the population debate (published in Australian Mosaic) (loaded Oct 2004)

The empress is under-dressed: Review of Tomoorow's People by S. Greenfield (loaded Jul 2004)

Notes on Alison McClelland's Barnett Oration(loaded Jan 2004)

Remarks by Tony McMichael and Doug Cocks at the launch of Deep Futures(loaded Sept 2003)

Contribution to Discussion of Canberra's Social Plan (loaded Sept 2003)

A note on memes and similar(loaded Nov 2002)

A note on evolutionary economics (loaded Nov 2002)

Ships that pass in the night (loaded June 2003)

Stages, trends and defining events in world history, Paper in ISAA Review Spring 2002 (loaded October 2002)

Trends and shifts in our sort of science Paper to Resource Futures Science Forum, Oct 2002 (loaded Nov 2002)

Three articles on energy policy from Australian Financial Review July-August 2001 (loaded August 2001)

Paper on 'Population, consumption and environment' for Internet conference organised by Nature and Society Forum (loaded July 2001)

Notes for a talk on research strategy (loaded July 2001)

The ringing grooves of change: Mid-future possibilities for the global system (loaded May 2000)

Bringing mediation to natural resource allocatioon (loaded Feb 2000)

Notes on 'Searching for settlement' (loaded Feb 2000)

Big picture scenarios for Australia, with a comment on the implications for public administration (loaded Dec 99)

Newspaper article ---The future is another country (loaded Nov 99)

The Emerging Environment-Economy Tradeoff (loaded Nov 99)

Scenarios for an urban society (loaded Sept 99)

Taking the long view (loaded October 99)

Where might we be in 2050? (loaded June 99)

The role of history in future-gazing (loaded Sept 1999)

Scenarios of future landscapes (loaded Apr99)

An editorial on prospects for the environment (loaded May 99)

Participate in a casual survey of how Australians perceive their Quality Of Life (loaded Jul 99)

Daily life in 2020 (loaded Apr 99)

A review of Fred Argy's Recent Book

Book chapter: Making it to 3000AD (PDF file loaded 24 June 2009)

Talk on World Environment Day

Notes on: Out of the Rut: Making Labor a Genuine Alternative

Threadbare policy---A short article on Labor's proposed new immigration policy Feb 1999


On deconstructing complex adaptive systems

The immigration-population debate in Australia

Managing Australia's natural resources in the 21st century

Future of the Australian tourist industry

Forget 2000, what about 2050?(essay on the future of the Austalian economy)

Thoughts on being asked to talk about 'an overused continent'



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