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Postage will be added to your order sub-total during checkout at COST charged by Australia Post (Economy Air rate for international orders where possible or domestic parcel rate within Australia). To estimate the postage on your international order simply add the weight of products you are considering ordering (table 1), work out which zone your destination is in (table 2) and read the postage price from the Postage Charges Table (table 3). This information is provided as an indication only. Remember, 1kg is equal to 2.2 pounds.

Table 1 - Weight of products sold by Ben's Black Labrador Shop
Training A Gundog For Retrieving Trials by Doug Cocks 0.36kg
Early History Of The Labrador Dog 1700 To 1900 by Mary Dalgarno 1.2kg
The History Of The Labrador In Australia 1929 to 1983 by Mary Dalgarno 1.2kg

Table 2 - Indication of Australia Post charging zones
Zone 1New Zealand, PNG, Solomon Is
Zone 2East Asia, South Asia, South East Asia
Zone 3North Asia
Zone 4USA, Canada, Mexico, Middle East, Indian Ocean
Zone 5Europe, Africa, Central America, South America, Other

Table 3 - Postage Charges From Ben To You
WeightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5

The above tables represent a rough summary of a complex Australia Post Charging Table. Postage will automatically be calculated and added to your sub total during the checkout process.

Any duty charged by the customs service in your country will be your responsibility.

If the destination of your order is inside Australia, postage will be charged at Standard Australia Post Domestic Parcel Rates. This cost will be calculated for you during checkout.

If you have any queries regarding postage you are welcome to Email Ben's Black Labrador Shop.

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