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Bushwalking With Ben DVD Video

by Doug Cocks


Dogs and people have evolved together. Dogs certainly accompanied the first humans to walk across the land bridge from Siberia to Alaska and down into the Americas around 12,000-14,000 years ago.

But exactly when dogs arrived on the scene is still uncertain. Italian scientists have found the footprints of three humans and a dog (the size of a small wolf) solidified into a 300 000 (yes 300 000) year old lava flow om Mt Roccamonfina. Ben says he thinks that that the dog on the lava flow was his grandfather 60 000 times removed but everyone else think he is just bragging .

What we do know is that dogs and people have liked going walking together for ages. This is a video for people who would love to go on a long walk with a happy dog---if they owned one. Well, the next best thing is to sit down and relax for seventy minutes with Ben and Doug as they ramble through the bushlands on Mt Majura near Canberra on a hot summer morning. Nothing spectacular happens---no snakes, no bushfires---but, if you come along, you do get to smell the flowers, find some kangaroos, roll in the dirt and have swim in the horse dam. And still get home in time for breakfast.

This DVD is in DVD-R format. Please ensure your DVD player is capable of playing the DVD-R format before purchasing. Details of which formats your DVD player can play can be found in the owners manual.

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