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Dog Obedience Training For Beginners DVD Video

by Doug Cocks


If you are wondering how to start training your new dog, Ben and Kim (the world's only mini-Kelpie) have cooperated (sort of) with David and Doug (a bit of a motor mouth at the best of times) to produce 'DOG OBEDIENCE TRAINING FOR BEGINNERS', a 55 miniute DVD Video which demonstrates how you can train your dog, first when it is on the lead and then when off the lead, to understand and obey the four basic obedience commands (SIT, STAY, HEEL, COME) you need to keep your dog safe and well-behaved.

Ben's opinion of our new dog-training DVD video. " I was proud to star in this magnificent production which I predict will be a box office sensation. I particularly like the music at the beginning and the bit where I lick Doug's ear." Clearly Ben's recommendation is extremely thoughtful and focuses on the really important things that a potential buyer wants to know before spending $AU35 on a dog training video

Kim's opinion of the new video " It's OK. Pity I had to share the limelight with Ben" Another useful critique.

Click Here to see a preview of the video (real video format)

This DVD is in DVD-R format. Please ensure your DVD player is capable of playing the DVD-R format before purchasing. Details of which formats your DVD player can play can be found in the owners manual.

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